Announcements and Activities

FELLOWSHIP TIME SIGN-UPS: Talk to most of our newer members and you will hear how important fellowship time was for them getting to know who we are as a congregation. We hope 2-3 people will serve refreshments during fellowship time each Sunday and that households will serve three times each year. The sign-up sheet is now in the narthex (gathering space next to the sanctuary). Food can be homemade or store-bought, simple or elaborate. Everybody’s got something to offer.

LEAVE PASTOR A STORY!  The sabbatical theme is storytelling.  In the loft in the sanctuary is a basket with notecards.  Write Pastor a memory, a story or just a thank you and leave it in the marked box before the end of September.  (You can type a note on the computer and print it too) Questions? Contact Janet Metzger 208-989-9824.

GET YOUR OWN SABBATICAL T-SHIRT!  In the narthex is a signup sheet and details for t-shirts that we will wear on October 13, Pastor’s first Sunday back.  Last day to order is September 15. Payment box is on the railroad table. Questions? Contact Janet Metzger 208-989-9824.

WOMEN’S LUNCHEON for July will be 11:30 a.m., Tuesday the 30th at City Buffet.  Please contact Judy Kellar to RSVP.

OUR JULY NOISY OFFERING is the Duck Valley Indian Reservation.
Can we load the whole back of Steve Van Atter’s pickup with lots of backpacks and school supplies???  Steve and Renee make their annual pilgrimage to the reservation in August.  They welcome new or gently used backpacks to be loaded with paper, notebooks, crayons, pencils, markers, glue sticks, school glue, erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers, scissors, pens or theme books.  Many of these items are on sale or on coupons in July.  Our Noisy Offering collection on Sunday, July 28, will buy as many backpacks and supplies as possible.  Please put your goodies in the labeled boxes provided in the narthex by July 28.  Thanks so much for your caring support.

ANNUAL TRINITY CAMPOUT – August 2 – 4  Our annual church camp out at the Ward’s lot near Donnelly is just four weeks away! There is plenty of room for both RV and tent campers. We plan some group meals, activities and evening worship, but there is also plenty of time to go exploring on your own. Hope you can join us this year. Talk with Steve and Julie Ward for more details.

THE GOLDENROD SLIPS OF PAPER – With Pastor on Sabbatical, it will be most helpful if EVERYONE (not just visitors or those with prayer requests) would sign the attendance slips and place them in the offering plate. Thank you!

STEWARDSHIP OF OUR PHYSICAL SELVES – Have you had any local sweet corn yet? Do you need an excuse to eat it? Locally grown food is full of flavor. Crops are picked at their peak of ripeness, often within 24 hours of when you buy it, versus being harvested early in order to be shipped thousands of miles. With this shorter time between harvest and table, more nutrients are in the food. You are not only getting a superior tasting product, but also supporting our local economy and helping the environment (less exhaust fumes from shipping). Plus local foods, having been touched only once or twice, have a lower chance of contamination.

JULY 28TH  is “Daily Bread Sunday”  Luke 11: 1-13.  Jesus gives us a way to pray, which has you ask for your daily bread.  Please bring grian foods to church such as cereals, rice, and pastas for uor food pantry.

FUNDRAISER for parking lot and roof.  We will be doing an envelope fundraiser to raise funds for resurfacing the parking lot (June 7) and our new roof (sometime in 2020). Look for envelopes decorated as shingles and parking spots in June somewhere in our church. The first $5,500 raised will pay for the parking lot job and the other funds raised will go towards the roof. Thanks go Julie Haugen and Janet Metzger for heading up this fundraiser.

SAVE THE DATE:  Storytelling Workshop

Where: Trinity Lutheran in Nampa
When: Saturday, July 27, 1-7pm
Who: ELCA Treasure Valley Cluster and Ecumenical Partners (But especially for TRINITY MEMBERS)
Cost: Free admission thanks to a grant
What: Come learn the art of faith storytelling with Lutheran Pastor Jodi Houge and Presbyterian Pastor Phil Gebben Green. The workshop will take place from 1-4:30pm. We will feed you dinner and then have an evening of actual storytelling. This event is free thanks to the Clergy Renewal gift given to Trinity Lutheran from the Lilly Endowment.

“It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Canning Anymore”
 “What does that mean?”, you ask.  We all have memories of our mothers and grandmothers preserving jars and jars of fruits and vegetables to feed their families during the winter months.  My mom learned to can from her mom because they had 15 children and had a huge garden to provide for them.  Many of us learned from them how to can and often use the recipes handed down, handwritten on scraps of paper.  When Trinity started the canning class it was to help beginners learn to make the most of their garden surplus at harvest time.  We have a group of Master Food Safety Advisors here at Trinity, trained and certified by the University of Idaho Ada County Extension Office educators.  Over the last few years we have changed the focus to teach people the changes that have come from the latest research about food safety regarding home food preservation.  Home canning gives you the opportunity to preserve food without the additives that you find in retail food on the shelf.  But if you don’t preserve it properly you may be endangering your loves ones.  I have extensive training in food safety but learned that I didn’t know much about home preservation.  We have our fall canning class scheduled for September 7, 2019 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, here at Trinity.  Come join Lloyd & Judy Kellar, Ruthann Sutton, Tami Robinson, Diane Helton, and other advisors as we show you the ropes.  We will also have educators from the Ada County Extension Office present.  If you have any question just talk to one of us.  You may view the flyer by clicking here-  2019 One-day Flyer It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Canning_final
You may view and print the registration form by clicking here- 2019 one day registration form

EMAILS: If you aren’t receiving emails of church notices and the monthly Epistle and would like to, please leave your email address on the attendance sheet or with the office, and you will be added to the distribution list.

Julie Haugen is sending cards to members who have lost someone or are hospitalized, and in other circumstances in which a card may be appropriate.  Please contact Julie if you know of a situation that may apply.